We're excited to welcome Matt Fornaciari, CTO of Gremlin, as a featured speaker to the FirstMark Guilds.

What He’ll Cover: In this session, Matt will share some of the most common and most important chaoes engineering frameworks that growing teams can employ to build available, resilient, and scalable products.

About Matt: Matt is Co-Founder and CTO of Gremlin. Previously, he was a Senior Platform Engineer at Salesforce, where he led the charge to bolster the experience of viewing and editing each and every record. Before that he improved the reliability and customer experience of the Amazon Retail website, where he founded the ’Fatals‘ team which reduced the number of website errors by half in its first year.

About Gremlin: Gremlin is the world's first enterprise Chaos Engineering platform. Gremlin aims to make the internet more reliable and prevent costly and reputation-damaging outages. Its failure-as-a-service platform empowers engineers to build more resilient systems through safe experimentation. To date, the company has raised $15M+ in capital.