​This event is exclusively for members of FirstMark's Founder Guild.


​You only get to announce your company to the world once.

​Whether you're announcing a funding round, your emergence from stealth, or a major company milestone, PR & comms at the early stages of a company are absolutely critical. Done right, you'll spark interest from prospective customers, future investors, top talent and more.

​For that reason, we're excited to bring together Beck Bamberger Founder of BAM, a leading comms agency that specializes in tech and VC, with Business Insider's Samantha Stokes, for a deep dive in early-stage PR/comms followed by an open AMA.

​By attending this members-only Founder Guild event, you'll learn:

  • ​What a best-in-class funding announcement looks like
  • ​How to nail the way you describe your business
  • ​Key items to include (and exclude) from your announcement
  • ​Critical dos and don'ts when pitching media for coverage
  • ​And more...

​We'll be leaving lots of time for the AMA portion, so make sure to come prepared with your most top-of-mind questions.


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