About this session:

As companies continue to focus on driving efficient growth, determining the right budget for each function, redirecting capital to where it's most needed, and getting cross-functional buy-in for key budgeting decisions, has never been more critical. For that reason, we're excited to be joined by Confluent CFO, Rohan Sivaram for a Guild session that will offer a tactical deep dive into his tried-and-true resource allocation process.

In this members-only session, you'll get valuable insights into the intricacies of resource allocation, including:

  • An end-to-end playbook and operating cadence for effective resource allocation
  • What data you need (and how to leverage it) to make decisions to maximize ROI
  • How to ensure your decision-making is transparent and fair to all functions
  • Common mistakes and key challenges CFOs can expect to encounter (and how to manage through them)
  • And much more...

We'll also leave plenty of time for Q&A!

About our speaker:

Rohan Sivaram is CFO at Confluent, the $10B+ data streaming platform, which went public in 2021. Previous to Confluent, Rohan led finance at cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks.