About This Session:

Amy Weisenbach is SVP Head of Marketing at The New York Times. In her six years there, their paid subscriber base has ballooned from 2M to nearly 10M, helping The Times grow into the leading digital news subscription  business in the world. Recently, The Times successfully launched its first-ever bundled product, combining each of its single-product subscriptions into a single bundled subscription. In this members-only session, Amy will share lessons learned including:

  • Tactical insights across the subscriber lifecycle (including acquisition, renewal, and recapture) on the journey to 15 million subscriptions
  • Real-world results of positioning and messaging experiments conducted by the team in the early days of the bundle
  • Key lessons learned about bundling that others might consider when positioning and selling subscription products

This private Guild session will give an in-depth look into how a scaled business thoughtfully transitioned from single-products to a multi-product bundle, and given the importance of the topic, we'll leave ample time for Q&A.

About The Speaker:

Amy Weisenbach is SVP Head of Marketing at The New York Times, where she oversees a 180-person marketing team, and has contributed to the growth of their subscriber base from 2M to nearly 10M. Previously, Amy was VP, Head of Marketing at Wilson Sporting Goods for 3 years, before which she was VP of Marketing at Trunk Club, which was acquired by Nordstrom.