About This Session:
We're seeing several phenomena converge that will change how best-in-class Marketing is done. Increasingly stringent privacy laws, challenges with tracking and retargeting, and AI bringing the cost of content (and eventually outbound) down to almost zero, have taken Community Marketing from what was once a "nice to have" to a "need to have." Several companies have already been finding considerable success on this front, two of which are unicorns Forter and Chainalysis.For that reason, we're incredibly excited to have Scott Buchanan (CMO @ Forter) and Ian Andrews (CMO @ Chainalysis) sharing today:

  • An overview of their community marketing strategies
  • Specific examples of how they're leveraging community to drive revenue
  • Getting cross-functional buy-in for investing in community
  • A look at their community teams and tech stacks
  • Key metrics for evaluating community marketing success
  • And more!

We'll also have plenty of time for Q&A so make sure to come with your most top-of-mind questions.