In the current environment, CTOs are increasingly challenged to do more with less; and as part of that, one of the first places the teams look is to reduce unnecessary infrastructure and application expense. Of course, this is often easier said than done -- which is exactly why we're inviting Vinod Marur, SVP Engineering at Databricks, to unpack cost reduction playbook he deployed at Databricks. In this private CTO Guild session, we'll cover practical ways you can go about driving expenses down, including:

  • How to build organizational momentum around cost reduction initiatives
  • Easy and obvious wins hiding in plain sight
  • Non-obvious ways to drive increased leverage on the hyperscalars
  • ...and beyond!

About the Speaker: Vinod Marur is the SVP of Engineering at Databricks. He was previously at Rubrik where he served as SVP Engineering and established a mature engineering organization geared for rapid product development and innovation with a deep focus on product quality and organizational development. Prior to that, Vinod spent nearly 15 years in leadership roles across some of Google’s most critical business units, including Search, Ads, and Payments as well as tapping into his passion for developer platforms to create and lead the Actions on Google platform, used by third parties to develop for Google Assistant and other Google products.