About This Event

Like many of you, Zoominfo (the $6B+ GTM software and data solution for B2B sales) has been leveraging Github Copilot for about a year now. In that time, they've seen significant productivity gains on their engineering teams, while also taking a deep thoughtful look at potential drawbacks and aspects of the solution that are too early to properly evaluate.

For this members-only CTO Guild session, we're honored to be joined by Zoominfo CTO Ali Dasdan, who will be sharing:

  • A short introduction to how they track productivity at Zoominfo
  • Key data from their evaluation of Copilot
  • Where they've found it excels
  • Where they've found it falls short
  • Downstream effects of Copilot (i.e. on debugging)
  • And much more!

We'll also be leaving plenty of time for Q&A, so make sure to come prepared with top-of-mind questions.

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