How to Double your Marketing Spend Efficiency

In this session, Amanda Malko (fmr. CMO of G2), will discuss:

  • Why tracking marketing spend efficiency is critical
  • How to calculate your spend efficiency, as well as the potential impact of incremental improvements on revenue
  • What G2 did to 2.5x their marketing spend efficiency
  • Strategies for getting started with tracking and increasing your spend efficiency
  • A maturity model that shows what "good" looks like at different stages

We'll be leaving plenty of time to take questions from the audience as well!

About Our Guest
Amanda Malko is the former CMO of (and current Advisor to) G2, the world's largest software marketplace with over $100M in ARR and valued at well over $1B. G2 reaches 60M+ software buyers every year and has customers like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, and Lyft. Previously, Amanda led the Partner Program and Academy at Mailchimp, which was acquired by Intuit for $12B.

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