About this Session:

The journey from inception to launch of a new product is never perfectly smooth, and with every build comes key learnings that will impact your approach to future product development. Matthew Smith (VP of Strategy, Design, and Emerging Products at Adobe) recently led the development and launch of Behance Pro, which makes available a suite of new products spanning analytics, monetization, privacy, and more to Behance's over 50 million members.

In this members-only session, Matthew will share:

·  Key inflection points and challenges from the journey to build and launch Behance Pro

·  How his team validates hypotheses and tests products before their launch

·  How he builds and fosters a culture of rapid innovation inside a large company

·  Powerful lessons learned and best practices that will improve your Product practice

·  And more!

We will also have plenty of time for Q&A and discussion.

About our Speaker:

Matthew Smith is VP of Strategy, Design, and Emerging Products at Adobe, and previously held Product leadership positions at Shutterstock, Movable Ink, Workframe, and Vimeo. At Adobe, he leads Adobe Stock, Behance, Adobe Podcast, and content acquisition for Adobe's AI efforts, including Firefly.