As you begin to build out your IR function and engage new investors, you'll want to keep close tabs on who you're talking to, the depth of the relationship, and much more. While you may've outgrown Excel for this type of interaction and relationship tracking, you might not be ready for a full-blown CRM setup like Salesforce. That's why we've created this Investor CRM template for you to use.

How to Use:

0) Duplicate this base, by navigating to the "..." in the top right of this window and then click "Duplicate Base."
1) Begin by entering all relevant investors in the "Firms" tab.
2) Populate individual people in the "Contacts" tab.
3) If relevant, you can track competitive and complementary investments in the "Relevant Investments" tab.
4) Finally, on an ongoing basis, use the "Interactions" tab to log every investor interaction.

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